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Healthy living is what everyone wish, but however, maintaining healthy living requires some essential things that ought to be done.

 First of all, good sleep, this because in our busy schedules and hectic routines, people often think sleep is a luxury, it is good to know that sleep is not and will never be a luxury, it is a necessity. Good sleep is essential for good health. Sleep deprivation can have negative effect on one’s well-being, because good health is linked to having sufficient sleep. Sleep is one of the most important things our body needs in order to function effectively, is not about how long or number of hours you sleep in daytime or at night but how well you sleep. Sleep rejuvenates the body and also removes tiredness.

Moreover, exercising, this is one of the most important ways of maintaining healthy living, because exercise keeps the body in good form and also empowers the immune system of the body to fight and get rid of disease.

There are many forms of exercise, one can choose which one could suit him or her. For instance whereas one choose to jog, another would love to take a long walk whiles someone else would want to do sports.

Some easy exercise are squats, push-ups, sit ups, crab walking and many more. We all need good exercise for the development and well-being of our body.

      Written by Prosper Prince Midedzi



  1. Very resourceful
    Reading this have change my mind on how exercising keep us healthy. I have to start exercising.


  2. Having read this, I think it will be in one’s best health interest to embark on a regular excise in order for the body system to make efficient utilization of the various nutrients in the food one takes in daily. Taking in a nutritious meal with a regular excise gives you a balanced health status. Thank you Mr Prosper


  3. Very nice. It’s about time we stick to our sporting activities rather than relying on chemicals.

    This article has just opened my eyes on exercising more.

    I love it.


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